Created in the Spirit of Globalization

bridging gaps - be connected - business and friendship

We believe we all have a lot more in common. Our community is devoted to global networking solutions. To us this has always been a true discovery: to experience the power of joining forces.

We think that the most noble thing is to put aside those differences, which in a special way for us do not actually exist. In today's globalized world we are thrilled to experience the unparalleled opportunities in an alternative communication.



GH-Tradehouse is a business platform for those who are moving towards the international business scope, who are ready to boost their opportunities an unexpected way.

About Us

Our group is to unite individual investors and project owners in a unique way, in order to exploit the untapped potential in international business networking. We have business clients from all around the world, from various fields.


While business is on a very specific path in the world, our experience shows that the rules often create gaps and obstacles. When it comes to a successful deal, not only profit is generated, but also rules are established, those of a certain business, which in most cases is in parallel with the given circumstances and business climate. However, the nature of rules are that they set limits and barriers, which will ultimately need to be removed in order to explore further possibilities. Typically, this circumstance makes it difficult, in some cases impossible for a large number of players to participate in the business flow, as they do not have the desired opportunities.


Solution: GH Tradehouse staff is devoted to a new approach, to explore new possibilites in Global Business Networing. Over the years we have observed tremendous amounts of good examples from virtually every professional field. Those, who deserve  good business management, a reliable team and effective connections. We are facing massive business potential in every concievable segment, and we are devoted to set a good path for them.


Global Business Networking - Accomplishments

To us, cross-border networking is essential. Over the years we have experienced the unparalelled potential in introducing and implementing business and investment initiatives across less-known territories, those which were unknown to our customers. Our trained experts are happy to guide you through some of those suprising gaps from literally any part of the world, and our Istanbul office location is ideally accessible from anywhere.


Gaps and Unparalelled Opportunities

Our operation based on the fact, that we live in a politically and culturally divided world. From a practical point of view, these gaps are undesirable, while we feel drawn into them. For us it is always very refreshing to sit down with partners from different parts of the world and observe the power of unity in business. This enables us to explore unparalelled possibilities for our partners.


GH Flexible Investment and Funding Approach – Custom Offers

The vast majority of business initiatives and new technologies demand financing. This sounds simple, but in fact it is not. GH Flexible Investment and Funding Approach is unique on the market and offers a good solution to this problem. We consult with the Project Owners and Financiers/Investors in order to assess their approach and goals, which in our experience can be very diverse at the international level. We then create custom offers to every client, usually in a form of a Custom Portfolio. We are happy to hand over these offers, and give our partners the freedom to choose. In case none of these offers wins displeasure, we continue our work, and go further in putting together the desired business portfolio. These offers usually consist a combination of offers, based on a secure legal and safe financial environment.


Our Offers for Project Owners

  • Flexible financing methods
  • Solutions for startups
  • Solutions for projects that are difficult to finance for any reason
  • Due diligence
  • Project monitoring and intermediation

Any kind of projects,  even those which fall into the ’difficult to finance category’ are welcome. Our experts, extensive financing solutions and flexible project management ensure exeptional opportinities to even those Project Owners, who have given up to realize their aim. We offer a full range of financial sortiment, and we help you through in creating the attractive and professional outlook to engage financiers and investors. In most cases the perfect solution is a custom investors’ package we offer. This also applies to the suggested form of cooperation, (like Joint Venture Partnership) whereas flexibility is essential. Privacy is an essential aspect; along with with trust among our partners, we have strict confidentiality agreements with all our intermediaries and financing partners. Projects are welcome from every industrial sector and service area. We examine the viability and profitability of every project a flexible way, and use our international network to explore new ways of utilization. We beleive there are a lot more useful ideas out there than we can imagine.


Our Offers for Financiers and Investors

  • Exeptional selection of projects
  • Worldwide project scope
  • Legally safe investment environment for startups and foreign projects
  • Portfolio-based, flexible project building methods
  • Flexible terms and return
  • High return

For the investor return and safety are the most important aspects. Playing on the safe side apparently means lower return and longer term. The investment market is typically a manifestation of these aspects however, we offer alternative solutions. Our team is specialized in collecting projects with high potential, then creating them the adequacy to sell. We put high efforts into converting startups all around the world into safe and lucrative investments, and create custom investment portfolios a flexible was to satisfy our Investors and Financiers needs. Our highly experienced partners from all over the world deal with language, cultural and business differences in order to give the Investor a special, custom offer.


GH Tradehouse team

  • Flexible Management
  • Experts with international knowledge
  • Istanbul Main Office Location
  • Back-Office


Our team is professionally selected and trained, educated and experienced in multilingual and multicultural negatiations. Our Introducer Associates are all trained in business communication. The central administration of GH-Tradehouse takes place in Istanbul. We are dedicated in supporting, monitoring and developing our partners to provide you excellent service. Our IT-Team is dedicated to provide secure technology to keep us up to date with the latest advancements in our platforms. Communication and marketing is necessary to reach Clients Partners to offer them the information they demand. We are devoted to helping people to know the outstanding opportunities in the Global Business Network, to solve their problems. We in return carefully follow their feedback in every aspect, in order to follow the trends, the changes in the business world. Their advice helps us to create and maintain our business to a professional level up to the highest standards.


Be Our Partner!

Contact us with confidence, and our introducer will be involved throughout the entire business process and keep you informed and motivated. Close business relationship is essential, starting from the very first day: we collect information about your aims, in order to give you a satisfying, customized offer.


If you liked our concept, if you are interested in our Group, please do not hesitate to contact us, we welcome you at any time.




Nene Hatun Mah.

113. Sokak, No. 8,

34220 Istanbul - Turkey


tel.: +90 536 557 00 57